Where site remediation is necessary, we have the experience to assist you with the selection of the most cost and time effective remediation options for the site and provide independent supervision and verification of the works undertaken by your contractor.

We can work with your preferred contractor or with one of our trusted remediation contractors to optimise the remedial design and specification for the site; alternatively, we can assist in drawing up and vetting tender documents.

During the implementation stage of the remedial works we can assist in managing the remediation, either through a full/part-time site presence to monitor and direct the works, or through our detailed independent remedial verification service to ensure contractor compliance with remedial objectives. We can also monitor dust and vapours levels during the works to ensure the safety of adjacent sites.

Our high standard remedial strategy, design and verification reports are produced to provide clear and robust documents for submission for approval by the relevant regulators.

Environmental Monitoring

Many sites require ongoing monitoring for groundwater, gas/vapour and dust, typically as part of active remedial works, post remediation verification, environmental permit operational phase conditions or land management requirements.

Having undertaken environmental monitoring on a diverse range of brownfield land, remediation sites, operational/closed landfills, EP/COMAH/NIHHS sites and MoD Land, we have the experience and expertise necessary to meet all of your environmental monitoring requirements. All our monitoring work is undertaken under a site-specific health and safety plan.

We will work with you to design an optimised site-specific monitoring programme, ensuring that site disruption is minimised and the monitoring is compliant with permit/planning requirements and relevant guidance. We will arrange all necessary access, provide calibrated equipment and undertake testing using approved and accredited laboratories and provide reports suitable for submission to the regulators.

We are registered with the Environment Agency as an Upper Tier Waste Broker and Dealer. No. CBDU279182

To discuss your requirements, please contact contact Chris Dainton at the Derbyshire Office