We use our extensive experience to ensure that our investigations and reports provide you with a real-world assessment of the site. If you plan to redevelop a site, our reports and our practical approach to investigation and risk assessment will help preventing you from undertaking unnecessary further investigation and unnecessary remediation work. If you are acquiring or divesting the land, our reports and risk assessment work will help you efficiently manage the associated environmental risks and liabilities.

Phase I Desk Studies & Coal Mining Assessments

A Phase I desk study is the foundation of environmental decision-making for site developments and contaminated land projects and a LCRM compliant Phase I is a standard requirement for most planning permissions and due diligence audits.

The aim of the Phase I is to establish whether land contamination is possible and to identify the likely significance of associated land contamination risks and liabilities.

A comprehensive desk study report is invaluable in preventing delays and increased expense at later development stages and is an essential part of the acquisition/divestment process. The desk study will also help establish a scope and cost for any necessary Phase II site investigation.

If your site is in a coalfield, we also provide coal mining related services, including Coal Mining Risk Assessments (CMRA) and Mine Gas Risk Assessments (MGRA)

Phase II Geo-Environmental Investigations

A geo-environmental site investigation (also referred to as a Phase II Investigation) is the next step after a Phase I desk study and is typically required for brownfield land developments and larger land acquisition/divestment transactions.

The Phase II geo-environmental work identifies the presence, significance and severity of contamination issues highlighted by the Phase I desk study, confirms site geology and hydrogeology and, if required, identifies physical ground conditions for foundation/groundwork design (geotechnical investigation). We can also undertake BRE-365 soakaway infiltration testing to provide parameters for drainage design.

For development sites, we are focused on ensuring we provide the information required to assist with planning condition discharge and to assist with development design. For acquisition/divestment, the Phase II provides actual site data about the potential soil and groundwater contamination issues to allow detailed risk and liability analyses to be undertaken.

Our team is experienced in designing, organising and conducting intrusive investigations across the UK on a wide range of sites. We work very closely with our clients to ensure that the Phase II scope of work is tailored to fit time, budget and access issues.

For contaminated sites, the Phase II work is usually followed by a risk assessment, including updating the site conceptual model, remediation strategy and verification works.

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